Special Award for Digital Resiliency

Special Award for Digital Resiliency

This award recognizes organizations which have demonstrated digital resiliency. IDC has defined Digital Resiliency as the ability for an organization to rapidly adapt to business disruptions by leveraging its digital capabilities to not only restore business operations, but also capitalize on the changed conditions to ensure future success in the next normal. This definition includes Business Resiliency but goes much further in its emphasis of the distinctive role of digital technology and also the need to go beyond mere survival and continuation of the status quo. The pandemic revealed that some digitally advanced companies were not only able to continue to operate effectively but were quickly able to pivot their business either to new customer segments, or delivery of new digital services to support growth.

Deadline for nominations for this category is June 30, 2021.


The winner of this category must demonstrate the following:
  • Leadership & Organization Resiliency. A digitally resilient organization must demonstrate business leadership and the CIO office working in tandem with the rest of the organization to mitigate business and digital technology weaknesses across dimensions, understanding the interdependencies and pulling them together and leveraging dimensional strengths for future success.
  • Workforce Resiliency. A digitally resilient organization focuses on optimizing the employee experience in times of extreme uncertainty, covering issues such as employee engagement and productivity, retention and onboarding, skills, and learning, as well as health and wellness.
  • Customers & Ecosystem Resiliency. A digitally resilient organization focuses on customer, supplier, and partner engagements and how to develop, retain, renew, and optimize these relationships in a time of crisis.
  • Brand & Reputation Resiliency. A digitally resilient organization must be able to develop trust in the enterprise’s brand for customers, partners, and suppliers, where an enterprise’s response to crises is a measure of the quality and integrity of an organization and its leadership.
  • Financial Resiliency. A digitally resilient organization shows ability to learn from the past to predict potential future financial threats, and its ability to help the business and the broader ecosystem to respond effectively to new threats and opportunities.
  • Operational Resiliency. A digitally resilient organization focuses on safeguarding and maintaining operational ‘business as usual’ using techniques such as business continuity planning and disaster recovery, and uses agile and adaptive planning techniques to build incremental and opportunistic responses to operational problems because of both internal challenges and external/ecosystem dynamics.

Formerly known as Special Award for Resiliency, read up on the winning project descriptions of organizations across Asia/Pacific.


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