Past Winners

Winner Testimonials
Thank you, IDC for creating the DX awards which inspires organizations to do more than the usual and get recognized for thinking out of the box. – Regional Winner, Omni-experience Innovator
PhilCare, Philippines
We are very honored to have received the award. It is a true testament to the company’s vision and commitment in digitally transforming itself in the Industry 4.0 era. We are very proud of our team in using technology in innovative ways to deliver business value and look forward to bringing more innovative and exciting solutions to our customers, partners, and internal staff in the years to come. – Country Winner, DX Leader
Hung Hing Printing, Hong Kong
The IDC DX Awards night was spectacular, the Conference extremely well organized with high quality speakers and delegates, and the off-site visits informative.
Country Winner, Hong Kong
The IDC DX Awards is truly a prestigious award for our institution since the search cuts across all industries. It is quite humbling that our efforts are recognized by IDC, an organization globally known for its research and analysis. The award itself is an inspiration to continue to do more and do it better. – Country Winner, Information Visionary
Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Philippines
DX Awards 2018 수상자로서 IDC의 노력에 감사드립니다. 앞으로도 자사는 보다 나은 경영 환경으로 변화할 수 있도록 R&D, 제조, 서비스 부문에서 DX를 지속적으로 추진할 예정입니다.
Country Winner, Korea
We are very excited that IDC has an annual DX Awards, which is an excellent program to identify organizations who are leading in transforming their business in a disruptive way. We feel very honored and proud that we were able to participate and awarded not just one, but two awards. It was amazing to know that many organizations introduced digital and analytics transformation projects and received recognition from IDC, so they can learn from each other. We hope last year’s event will inspire more organizations to participate in the DX Awards to demonstrate that digital transformation is a must, and IDC is contributing in making this happen in this region. – Regional Winner, Digital Trailblazer and Digital Transformer
OVO, Indonesia