Past Winners

Winner Testimonials
The DX Awards and Summit is a very valuable and inspiring event to every company in the community. It not only provides a platform for companies to express appreciation to their staff for executing a high standard of achievement in relevant areas, but it also serves as a platform for other companies to learn from each other, and contribute as a positive force in accelerating respective technology advancements and operations transformation during the course of their own business journeys. Best practices extracted from industry peers further encourage the quick learning curve in adopting upcoming technology and new processes for the industry and the community.
McDonald’s, Hong Kong
We are honored to have been recognized by an industry leader such as IDC. Thank you for the appreciation of our digital transformation efforts.
Kredivo, Indonesia
感谢IDC对于欧拉图谱的两项大奖的肯定,带着肩上的责任感和使命感,我们在18年和19年又取得了很多的成就,其中就包括欧拉债券风 控系统这样的里程碑式的成就,我们也会带着欧拉新的成绩去参加19年的评选,让更多业界人士了解平安集团的平安科技,了解欧拉图谱。
Ping An Group, China
정부 조직에서 기술, 프로세스, 조직 등의 종합적인 면에서 DIgital Transformation 을 꾸준히 진행하여 성과를 만들어 낸 것이 인정을 받아 상을 수상하게 되어 무척 기쁩니다. IDC 의 DX Leader 상은 저에게 단순한 상의 의미를 넘어섭니다. IDC 에서 추구하는 Digital Transformation 의 전략들과 방향이 저희 조직이 추구하고 있는 것과 일맥상통하다는 점을 인정 받았다는 면에서 큰 추진동력을 얻을 수 있었고, 앞으로 더 가야 할 DX 여정에 큰 힘을 얻게 된 소중한 상입니다. IDC 의 발전과 더 많은 사례 발굴을 기대합니다.
National Information Resources Service, Korea
JTC’s J-Ops Command Center is proud to be named Operating Model Master for Singapore in the IDC Digital Transformation (DX) Awards 2018. We are honored to be one of the winners of the IDC DX Awards, which is a significant recognition for companies that have made exceptional progress or breakthroughs in their Digital Transformation efforts. Implemented as part of JTC’s Facilities Management (FM) transformation journey, the J-Ops Command Center is one example of how JTC has streamlined our processes, adopted new technology, and digitalized our assets. Through such efforts and with this recognition, we hope to continue pushing for better ways to take care of our estates and buildings, create greener and better working environments for our customers, and lead the way in transforming the FM industry.
JTC, Singapore
Being recognized in the DX Awards has given us opportunities to inspire other players within our industry, and find areas for collaboration and joint prosperity through the merits of digital transformation.
Ananda Development, Thailand
Thank you, IDC for creating the DX awards which inspires organizations to do more than the usual and get recognized for thinking out of the box. – Regional Winner, Omni-experience Innovator
PhilCare, Philippines
We are very honored to have received the award. It is a true testament to the company’s vision and commitment in digitally transforming itself in the Industry 4.0 era. We are very proud of our team in using technology in innovative ways to deliver business value and look forward to bringing more innovative and exciting solutions to our customers, partners, and internal staff in the years to come. – Country Winner, DX Leader
Hung Hing Printing, Hong Kong
The IDC DX Awards night was spectacular, the Conference extremely well organized with high quality speakers and delegates, and the off-site visits informative.
Country Winner, Hong Kong
The IDC DX Awards is truly a prestigious award for our institution since the search cuts across all industries. It is quite humbling that our efforts are recognized by IDC, an organization globally known for its research and analysis. The award itself is an inspiration to continue to do more and do it better. – Country Winner, Information Visionary
Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Philippines
DX Awards 2018 수상자로서 IDC의 노력에 감사드립니다. 앞으로도 자사는 보다 나은 경영 환경으로 변화할 수 있도록 R&D, 제조, 서비스 부문에서 DX를 지속적으로 추진할 예정입니다.
Country Winner, Korea
We are very excited that IDC has an annual DX Awards, which is an excellent program to identify organizations who are leading in transforming their business in a disruptive way. We feel very honored and proud that we were able to participate and awarded not just one, but two awards. It was amazing to know that many organizations introduced digital and analytics transformation projects and received recognition from IDC, so they can learn from each other. We hope last year’s event will inspire more organizations to participate in the DX Awards to demonstrate that digital transformation is a must, and IDC is contributing in making this happen in this region. – Regional Winner, Digital Trailblazer and Digital Transformer
OVO, Indonesia