IDC DX Awards is a regional program where country level awards are presented to those organizations across Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) who have displayed excellence in planning and execution of their DX tech-enabled initiatives in one of our seven award categories.


Nomination criteria:

Any end-user organization can nominate their DX initiative or be nominated by a 3rd party organization (e.g. government bodies, associations, IT suppliers etc.) to gain recognition in the execution of a DX initiative across one of the categories listed below. A nomination will only be considered valid when the following criteria are met:


  • The nonimee must be a tech buyer company/organization. Nominations made by 3rd parties must include the relevant contact details of the nonimated organization so that the assess-ment can be completed.
  • The organization should have a physical office presence in the country were the nonimation is submitted.
  • The nominee’s project owner acknowledges and agrees to participate in the DX Awards.
  • The nominated project should have gone live and be at execution stage, or should have been intitated between January 2015 and February 2018.
  • Projects that have been nominated for DX Awards 2017 will not be eligible.
  • Imcremental changes or improvements to previous nominations for DX Awards 2017 would not be eligible.


Winners of the country awards will be automatically included in the regional finals where a regional winner will be selected among all country winners for each category.


Regional Final:

All country winners will be named to participate, attend, and share with fellow DX Awards winners and regional thought leaders from the industry. Regional winners for each of the 7 categories will be selected from the country winners. Amongst the regional winner, a winner will be determined for the Digital Trailblazer award.