October 15

About IDC DX Summit China

The IDC DX Summit is one of the most-anticipated ICT events in China. See the numbers we’ve averaged over the last four years and how many country winners we’ve named since then!

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As purveyors of the region’s top digital transformation projects, all participating IDC country offices were more than ready to walk the DX talk when it was their turn to digitally pivot. While IDC DX Summits have been highly regarded through the years for event experiences that embody the future-forward ambitions and aspirations of digital organizations, the pivot to hybrid if not 100% virtual IDC DX Summits on IDC Arena last year was still a resounding success.

Check out the country highlights from last year’s IDC Digital Transformation Summits below. Be a part of IDC DX Summit 2021! Get sponsorship information here.

Winners' Testimonials

We are honored to have won the award for Operating Model Master. This recognizes the progress that we have made in becoming an innovative digital organization. This IDC Award is proof that Singtel’s digital transformation effort is bearing fruit. By adopting AI, machine learning, data analytics, and other technologies, our organization is seeing benefits across key areas such as sales, product development, and customer care.

Singtel, Singapore

Let me thank IDC for recognizing and awarding Mahinda and Mahindra as a country winner in the category of Special Award for Resiliency. Our resiliency is derived from Mahinda’s core mantra – accepting no limit, alternate thinking, and driving positive change. In this lockdown and pandemic situation, we had to overcome numerous challenges. We had employed technologies to address these challenges. The recognition from IDC reaffirms our ability to recover quickly from difficult and tough times.

Mahindra and Mahindra, India

On behalf of the bank and the IT department, I’m grateful and delighted that IDC has selected the bank for this special award. It’s a testimony of the hardwork, commitment, and dedication of the team and it serves as an inspiration for everyone to continue to give their best to the bank as it serves its social and economic mission for Asia and the Pacific. COVID-19 presented a unique opportunity for ADB to reimagine its New Normal and to reshape its digital future. It allowed us to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions and continuously improve the workforce’s digital skills.

Asian Development Bank, Philippines

We are honored and it gave us an enormous boost to confirm that we have been on the right track. I’m sure that the organization will keep innovating and reinventing itself through digital transformation in an environment that becomes more challenging every day. For us, innovation is survival. We have been under many challenges and disruptions over the years, but with hard work, we are here today with more confidence that we can get through these difficulties through technology. With digital transformation, we have transitioned from being a media and entertainment company to becoming a full-fledged commerce organization.

RS Public Company Limited, Thailand

The DX Awards and Summit is a very valuable and inspiring event to every company in the community. It not only provides a platform for companies to express appreciation to their staff for executing a high standard of achievement in relevant areas, but it also serves as a platform for other companies to learn from each other, and contribute as a positive force in accelerating respective technology advancements and operations transformation during the course of their own business journeys. Best practices extracted from industry peers further encourage the quick learning curve in adopting upcoming technology and new processes for the industry and the community.

McDonald's, Hong Kong

We are very excited that IDC has an annual DX Awards, which is an excellent program to identify organizations who are leading in transforming their business in a disruptive way. We feel very honored and proud that we were able to participate and awarded not just one, but two awards. It was amazing to know that many organizations introduced digital and analytics transformation projects and received recognition from IDC, so they can learn from each other. We hope last year’s event will inspire more organizations to participate in the DX Awards to demonstrate that digital transformation is a must, and IDC is contributing in making this happen in this region.

OVO, Indonesia

It’s a thrill, winning this award. AirAsia has won a lot of awards which is really cool, but this is special we’re on this huge transformational change. We’re trying to be more than an airline and be a digital company. So, it’s fantastic to be recognized because not many people believe that we can do it and so it’s fantastic that IDC has given us this award. But more importantly, we’ve always said that we’re not a national company, we’re a regional company. It’s great messaging for my staff that we’re a digital company now. We’re more than an airline, and that an old-fashioned corporation can be as cool as all those unicorns. Watch out unicorns, old ponies coming!

AirAsia, Malaysia

We’d like to thank IDC for being nominated in the omni-experience innovator category. New Pizza Chef was really designed to help our customers in their decision-making at the start of their order. We wanted to help them decide from the billions of possible combinations of pizza products that we have – what’s best for them and in their own environment, through their mobile devices. This new technology helped us to do that in a really fun, engaging, and memorable way. At Domino’s, we have a motto that we are always hungry to be better and our customers are always at the core of those experiences. We’re always trying to push the boundary, therefore what we can achieve in terms of early adoption of new technology. We are, once again, very excited to be here today.

Domino's, Australia