Future Enterprise of the Year

Future Enterprise of the Year

This award recognizes the organization which is working towards becoming a Future Enterprise to lead in the digital economy. A Future Enterprise is a digitally determined organization where digital is achieved at a scale across its operations; innovating at a pace that is an order of magnitude greater than traditional businesses. It is driven by a customer-centric and empowered workforce that embraces experimentation and risk-taking as it seeks to continuously improve its products, services, and experiences. Technology and data are its lifeblood, fueling more efficient operations, new revenue streams, and heightened customer loyalty. To put simply, the Future Enterprise is the gold standard of how organizations must organize and invest to participate in the digital economy.

Deadline for nominations for this category is June 30, 2021.



The winner of this category must demonstrate the following:
  • An enterprisewide imperative with a single digital strategy in place with established implementation roadmaps, which is the organization is using to ensure digital would be embedded across the business.
  • Resoluteness to make the required organizational and cultural changes across the entire
    organizations in the areas of culture, data, customer experience, operations, and work.
  • A long-term investment strategy based on the principle that digital is inherently valuable to the
  • A single digital platform to scale technology innovations, focused on enabling digital capabilities
    at speed, scale, and agility

Formerly known as Digital Disruptor and Digital Transformer, read up on the winning project descriptions of organizations across Asia/Pacific.


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