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This award category acknowledges the outstanding achievement among the regional winners across all categories for their excellence in the execution of their nominated project, experiences, data transformation, operations, and the workforce/workplace. This category is not open for nomination, and all regional winners would automatically qualify for this category.

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CompanyUnionBank of the Philippines
Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) embraces the future of banking and is committed to be the Philippines’ leading digital bank to best serve the growing needs of Filipinos everywhere. The bank has always been among the first to embrace technological innovations to empower its customers. UnionBank’s digital transformation (DX) strategy reinforced its commitment to deliver a superior customer experience (CX) and promote inclusive prosperity in the Philippines. Edwin R. Bautista is among the few leaders in the country bold enough to transform the organization immediately. When he started as UnionBank's CEO, he made a promise of leaving no one behind while delivering superior financial results evidenced by two years of record income. He has led the bank’s DX and brought its story and recognitions not only in the Philippines but also across Asia. Meanwhile, he is a strong advocate of the use of digital technologies in the country as a key to inclusive prosperity through supporting government initiatives and working with partner organizations. UnionBank’s transformation led by Mr. Bautista has permeated the organization because UnionBankers remain committed to the organization's purpose, predicated on the fact that the world will continue to evolve and transform to leave no one behind.
SATS, Asia’s leading ground handling and in-flight catering service provider, is the first company in the world to adopt digital twin technology in the catering business. It uses this technology to simulate different production scenarios and cooking process of each recipe to gain resource optimization in its kitchen. With the use of digital twin technology, SATS can now digitally capture the culinary insights and experience of its chefs, empowering them to gain consistency in their cooking methodology. In the kitchen environment, sensors are installed to provide real-time data, which helps improve response time when handling different scenarios, such as bottlenecks or disruptions. In addition, the operational impact of new investments in machinery and process changes can be simulated, analyzed, and optimized in a virtual environment before actual implementation. The use of this technology has led to improvements to overall planning productivity by at least 30%. Besides achieving operational optimization, this project has also helped the company make better investment decisions and save unnecessary costs by providing insights into potential ROI arising from new machineries deployment, layout changes, and the like.
As part of Lippo Group, OVO provides highly personalized offers and services through a big data analytics platform that integrates information from organizations under the Lippo Group. These offers and services span across F&B, travel, and retail. As part of the OVO ecosystem, organizations under the Lippo Group use real-time insights to improve customer experience and generate new revenue streams for the conglomerate.
CompanyChangi Airport Group
Changi Airport Group's Digital Master Plan (DMP) is a business transformation program for the airport that has transformed Changi's passenger experience and laid the foundation for Changi to be a Smart Airport of the future. The DMP helped Changi create a unified digital identity and presence by communicating to its passengers through streamlined, omni-channel content delivery and providing a revamped Changi mobile experience. Changi leverages big data to deliver a personalized Changi experience for each of its passengers. By digitalizing core operations processes and gaining deep understanding of key operating imperatives, Changi has achieved improved operational anticipation and reaction, data-enabled resource planning, and a data-driven platform for collaboration and problem-solving.
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