CEO of the Year

CEO of the Year

This award recognizes the CEO who has developed a strategy to create a future enterprise. This CEO’s vision follows an agenda aligned with the emerging digital economy, responding to new customer requirements, capabilities, critical infrastructure, and industry ecosystems. This CEO is an excellent storyteller, and he or she is successful in delivering this message to the rest of the organization. He or she continuously stresses the need for a digital enterprise as part of overall brand and strategy in response to the region’s fast-growing digital economy. His or her vision includes working with partners within the ecosystem to develop new products, services, and experiences, built by a digitally capable workforce in a data-driven organization. The winner of this category must be the CEO of the entire business/group, and not just a division or department. He or she may also hold a Managing Director position for Asia/Pacific.

Deadline for nominations for this category is June 30, 2021.


The CEO of the Year:
  • Defines the organization’s value, role, and partners in the digital economy.
  • Ensures critical infrastructure is in place to successfully deliver reliable digital services and pervasive experiences.
    matically convert tacit knowledge in people’s heads into explicit knowledge in systems and then to expose it across the enterprise.
  • Focuses on creating empathy with customers at scale and engenders trust with customers, pivoting operations from throughput and efficiency to market-driven.
  • Grows the enterprise into an intelligent organization by creating a dynamic work model to deliver innovative services and experiences at scale.

Formerly known as DX CEO, read up on the accomplishments of leading CEOs across Asia/Pacific.


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