Future of Operations

The Future of Operations Framework

As IT and Operations Technology (OT) converge, companies will leverage digital capabilities to build resilient organizations with the core goal of unifying operational data streams with data from the rest of the enterprise. New converged IT/OT organizations, which IDC refers to as Digital Engineering (DE), will facilitate the transformation to Industry 4.0 and ensure that data and systems are available to support resilient decision-making.

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Best in Future of Operations

This award recognizes the organization that is able to rethink the way operations is managed. It is a fundamental shift in the operations model to one that fosters resilient operational decision making in the context of the enterprise, and supports operational strategies that are designed to support increased personalization and improved customer experience rather than centrally focused on
delivering efficiency above all else. Operational transformation is critical for effectively scaling digital transformation initiatives.

Deadline for nominations for this category is June 30, 2021.


The winner of this category must demonstrate at least one of the following:
  • Ability to enable resilient decision making within operations, coupling the operational strategies and decision making with the decisions, processes and insight relating to product personalization and improved customer experience.
  • The development of the digital engineering function, bringing together capabilities across IT and data science within a central function within operations to support the secure management of operational data stream, integration of operational and enterprise data and management of the required platform environment. Central to this capability will be creation of centralized monitoring, diagnostics and control capabilities, at the core of which are increasingly focused digital twin capabilities and systems.
  • A decentralized and distributed technology architecture, bringing together cloud-based systems, edge computing capabilities, IoT, and artificial intelligence to enable agile and adaptive decision making.

Formerly known as Operating Model Master, read up on the winning project descriptions of organizations accross Asia/Pacific.


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