Future of Intelligence

The Future of Intelligence Framework

IDC’s Future of Intelligence research practice helps organizations build strategies to become learning enterprises built on evidence-based cultures. In the Future of Intelligence, organizations will rethink how they define and invest in enterprise intelligence, focusing on approaches that scale.

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Best in Future of Intelligence

This award recognizes the organization that is able to rethink the way they synthesize information from raw data, learn from these insights and leverage them at scale across the entire enterprise. It is a fundamental shift in the effective use of human knowledge and computer generated insights, fostering greater human-machine collaboration, and supporting an intelligent and dynamic operating environment unbounded by traditional knowledge or data silos.

Deadline for nominations for this category is June 30, 2021.


The winner of this category must demonstrate at least one of the following:
  • Capacity to synthesize information. This is the process of taking discrete, objective raw facts about people, places, things, and other entities and organizing them for some useful purpose, usually by the addition of some context.
  • Capacity to learn. This refers to the awareness about and understanding of the relationships among various pieces of information and previously developed knowledge, and their application to a particular problem. This capacity to learn affects both humans and machines as organizations will systematically convert tacit knowledge in people’s heads into explicit knowledge in systems and then to expose it across the enterprise.
  • Delivery of insights at scale. Delivering insights at scale means providing actionable decision support and decision automation functionality for everyone in the enterprise, from executives and managers to analysts and frontline workers (and machines), embedded in their daily work flows. Enterprises will thereby ensure delivery of insights at scale by surfacing actionable information to all users (human or machines).

Formerly known as Information Visionary, read up on the winning project descriptions of organizations across Asia/Pacific.


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