Future of Digital Innovation

The Future of Digital Innovation Framework

IDC’s Future of Digital Innovation research practice helps organizations build and execute the planning, sourcing, development, and distribution strategies necessary to become high-performance software producers. Operating as “digital innovation factories,” enterprises will embed software in their products and services to create greater value for their customers and better compete in their own industries.

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Best in Future of Digital Innovation

This award recognizes the organization that best transforms itself from mere software consumer into full-blown, large-scale software innovator. It is often said that every company will become a software company. In the move toward producing software-based products and services, a winning organization shows that its project or initiative is able to augment or develop software IP (intellectual property) to create enhanced value for customers or users. IDC’s Future of Digital Innovation framework defines the following four areas that are interconnected.

Nominations for this category are now closed.


The winner of this category must demonstrate implemented software initiatives/projects of excellence in at least two of the following four areas that are interconnected:
  • Planning. Is tied to and driven by business goals from the earliest ad-hoc stages.
  • Sourcing. Relies on external code, libraries, apps, algorithms, microservices, platforms, and so on, rather than comprising solely top-to-bottom internally created resource.
  • Development. Makes use of agile and secure, full-cycle DevOps practices and methodologies, allowing for rapid release and pivoting based on market intelligence and customer/user feedback.
  • Distribution. Makes full use of third-party development delivery ecosystems (e.g. downloads or API access from the organization’s website would constitute distribution). Please note that distribution can also be internal only (i.e. first party distribution) where it is used in your own products/services and/or business processes.
Get to Know the Champions of the Digital Arena

The Champions of the Digital Arena have emerged. Below are the organizations who have been selected out of 1,280+ nominations in the Asia/Pacific.

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