Future of Customers and Consumers

The Future of Customers and Consumers Framework

In the Future of Customers and Consumers, the relationship between customers and businesses will be built on cognitive empathy – requiring business leaders to make strategic decisions that emphasize experiences, journeys, trust, and satisfaction. By using data and employing technologies that address requirements for contextual awareness, frictionless engagement, active learning, and sentiment measurement, organizations will be better able to customize – and personalize – experiences.

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Best in Future of Customers and Consumers

This award recognizes the organization that is able to rethink and effectively transform the way customer-related initiatives are done in the organization (e.g. customer engagement, customer experience, customer service). The Future of Customers & Consumers (FoCC) is characterized by the changing and shifting nature of the relationship between customers and brands through a lens or prism of technology. IDC has defined the FoCC as: An empathetic relationship between customers and brands built on what the customer wants and how they want to be treated through the technology lens of awareness, engaging, learning, and, measuring.

Deadline for nominations for this category is June 30, 2021.


The winner of this category must demonstrate at least one of the following:
  • Ability to attain predictable communications with customers. Communication is the foundation for every interaction and every engagement between a brand and a customer during all steps of the customer journey, and the key is that it is predictable for the customer and for the brand.
  • Ability to deliver lifetime value. Delivering lifetime value requires an organization to ensure the product or service is directly tied to the experience the customer receives.
  • Ability to leverage applied intelligence. Intelligence about the customer, the market, and the world that can then be used to customize and hyper-personalize the experience for the customer.
  • Ability to engender mutual trust. The customer wants to be able to trust a company with their data.

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