The Future Enterprise

The rise of the digital economy and the new ceo agenda

The Future Enterprise is IDC’s vision for how organizations must organize and invest to participate in increasingly digitally-centric markets. It is a framework for fostering a digitally-native culture, one that enables new synergies in ecosystems, generates revenue from empathy at scale, and demonstrates an ability to adapt operating models to complex customer requirements—all of which are enabled by an intelligent, empowered, and agile workforce. The pandemic underscored the importance of digital transformation in the eyes of CEOs who now find themselves at a decision point – to follow the same course of cost-cutting as previous recessions have dictated – or to flatten their own organization’s recessionary curve by leveraging technology.


When organizations come out of the recession, they will be operating in a new type of economy – the Next Normal. IDC has identified key digital priorities for the digital enterprise. The CEOs’ nine new digital agenda items are pivotal characteristics of the Future Enterprise – these are the new benchmarks for what it takes to lead in the Next Normal, and how organizations must define their X-factor in the new digital economy.

Create pervasive and seamlessly connected products, services, and experiences.
Future of Connectedness
Improve customer conversations, journeys, experiences, and satisfaction through empathy at scale.
Future of Customers and Consumers
Transition into a responsive, scalable, resilient cloud-centric digital infrastructure.
Future of Digital Infrastructure
Evolve into a digital innovation factory, creating digital products and services at speed and scale.
Future of Digital Innovation
Leverage the sharing of data, applications, operations, and expertise – expanding upon the platform.
Future of Industry Ecosystems
Build strategies to become learning enterprises based on evidence-based insights and cultures.
Future of Intelligence
Pivot from an operational mindset around throughput and efficiency to a market-driven mindset.
Future of Operations
Engender trust through including risk, compliance, privacy, social responsibility, and business ethics.
Future of Trust
Foster human-machine collaboration and support an intelligent and dynamic environment.
Future of Work
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